How to Create and Export Calendar in Outlook 2016

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Calendar application in Outlook is found to be most useful app for professionals engage more in HR departments, and management. The Outlook application allows these users to share calendar for a particular project and to schedule meetings. This lets the members in a group updated and to carry out task collaboratively.

Here we will learn how to create  a calendar in Outlook 2016, how to use scheduling assistant and how to import/export calendar. Outlook calendar provides various features and users can even change the calendar view settings to highlight important details. So, let’s have a look on how to manage calendars in Outlook 2016

Create Outlook Calendar 2016

To create a calendar follows the given steps

  • Launch the Outlook application in your system
  • Click on the calendar icon in navigation bar to open Options for calendar

create outlook calendar

  • Click on the Folder tab and then click on ‘New Calendar’

add new outlook calendar

  • Now a new window will open, Give name to the New Calendar
  • Under the folder contains option select ‘Calendar Items’
  • Select the Calendar from the Options listed and click on OK

create calendar in outlook 2016

  • Your calendar will be created

How to Use Schedule Assistant in Calendar

  • Open Outlook and click on the calendar icon at top of screen

create outlook calendar

  • Click on the Home tab and select ‘New Appointment’ for two persons, if additional members are required then select New meeting

new meeting in outlook calendar 2016

  • A new window will open, click on Meeting tab and then select scheduling Assistant

outlook 2016 schedule assistant

  • Now you can add the date, time, duration of meeting and any attendees you want
  • Click on ‘Add Attendees’ button at the bottom, this will open the contacts, select the person for meeting
  • Click on ‘Add Rooms’ button to enter the location of meeting
  • The information of attendees will appear in the calendar grid.

outlook 2016 calendar grid

  • When an attendee is added the information is shown in colored bar showing their free, busy, out of office timings

Import/ Export Calendar

  • Open Outlook and go to File
  • Move to Open & Import and the Import/ Export wizard will open,

import export address book in outlook

  • Click on Import/ Export and a new window will open
  • Select the Option Export to a file and then Next

export task in outlook 2016


  • Select the export file type as Outlook data file (.pst)
  • Click on Calendar on next screen and checkmark include subfolders

export calendar in outlook 2016

  • Click on Next to save the calendar in a directory
  • Finally click on Finish to export calendar.

Import Calendar

  • Go to File, then Open & Import and click on Import/ Export Wizard

import export address book in outlook

  • A new window will open as Import and Export Wizard
  • Select the option Import an iCalendar (.ics) and vCalendar file (.VCS)

import outlook calendar

  • Locate the ICS file you want to import and click on Open

These are the methods by which you can manage Outlook calendar in desktop application.

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