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How to Import Gmail to Office 365 Mailbox Free Manually

Last updated on May 27th, 2019 at 06:32 pm

Gmail is the popular e-mail application used across the globe, users having an Android smartphone will surely have Gmail account. Well, If you are shifting to another device that supports only Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 then you will need to convert the IMAP Gmail to Office 365. Here is a method to move Gmail data to Office 365 mailbox free manually. The Gmail account can be set to IMAP and then we can follow the IMAP to Office 365 migration process.

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Moving Gmail to Office 365 is free but it could cause damage if proper steps are not followed. So, it is necessary to convert the Gmail in IMAP and then import it to Office 365 by taking care at every step. Users must have permissions to make changes and modify settings in Gmail and Office 365 both. So, first check how to change Gmail settings and prepare it for migration to Office 365.

Preparing Gmail for Migration to Office 365

First Turn Allow Less Secure Apps in Gmail

  • Sign-in to Gmail account and click on the icon for Google Apps to open apps at top right corner
  • Click on Google Apps>> My Account and then Security in left pane
  • Scroll down the page and go to ‘Less Secure App Access’ section

gmail to office 365 settings

  • Click on the ‘Turn On’ Access for less secure apps

Enable IMAP in Gmail

  • Login to Gmail and click on gear icon and then Settings
  • In the new window click on ‘Forwarding and POP/ IMAP’ tab
  • Go to IMAP access option and then click on ‘Enable IMAP’ button


  • Finally, save the changes

Create CSV File to Map Mailbox

This is the most important part as it will act as a medium between Gmail and Office 365 mailbox

  • Now open MS Excel and then create three columns
  • Label the columns as EmailAddress, UserName and then Password respectively
  • In Email Address type the Office 365 mailbox address like

gmail to office 365

  • Type Gmail ID in Username field and Password of Gmail account in Password
  • Save the excel file in CSV format

Free Gmail to Office 365 Migration

  • Open your MS Office 365 files and then click on Admin Center
  • Start the Exchange Admin center and click on Recipients
  • Next, click on migration and then three dotted lines alongside the refresh icon

gmail to office 365 migration

  • The migration endpoint window will open, click on + icon
  • In the new window that opens, select IMAP as option and Next

select imap for gmail to office 365

  • Type the IMAP server name as and port number 993, click next

gmail server for imap to office 365

  • Another pop-up window will appear, enter the migration endpoint name>>New and close it

new endpoint gmail to office 365

  • Move to the main menu of Exchange Admin Center >>Recipients>> Migration
  • Click on + icon and then select ‘Migrate to Exchange Online’

migrate to gmail to office 365

  • Next, select the IMAP migration and proceed next
  • Click on the browse button and add the CSV file created earlier
  • Check-mark the option ‘Allow unknown columns in the CSV file’

add csv for gmail to office 365

  • Keep clicking the next button until you get notification on your Gmail.
  • The Gmail items will migrate to Office 365 mailbox

imap to office 365 complete

  • Sign-in to Office 365 and check contents in Office 365 mailbox.
  • So, in this way you can easily migrate the Gmail data to office 365.

This is the free method for migration of Gmail IMAP to Office 365 mailbox. As the process is very long and require so much permissions, one can simply use the IMAP to Office 365 migration software and export their data from IMAP mails like AOL, Yahoo, Amazon Workmail to Office 365. One such application called Kernel for IMAP t Office 365 can be downloaded from link below:

Download IMAP to Office365 Tool from Nucleus Technologies

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