How To Recover Deleted Files: Top 5 Recovery Solution

Many of us have always deleted our valuable data accidentally and would wish to recover deleted data. Fortunately, there are available data recovery software available over the internet that one can use for that purpose. These data recovery software can be used to recover almost any data over windows, Mac, HDD/ SSD, USB Drive, SD/ CF card, Digital Camera, or iPhone/ Android.

Available on the internet for use are free data recovery software and those that require subscription. Some give free trial downloads and are always more convenient.

Some of the best data recovery software include: Disk Drill Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, TestDisk Data Recovery, Minitool power Data Recovery. The best data recovery software is, however, Disk Drill Data Recovery especially if you want to recover deleted data from android/ iPhone phones.

The Problem Of Deleted Files

The most common way to delete files is by sending it to the recycle bin from where it will be permanently deleted after some times. This is a good way however, you again have to go to the recycle bin to permanently delete it, leaving the best method to delete files on window to be by pressing shift + delete.

Point to note is that in as much as you should not be worried of not being able to recover deleted files, you should always move with great quickness before they get overwritten. Read more to find out how in the discussion below.

Recovering Deleted Files By Use Of Data Recovery Software

As hinted above, you can recover your delete data by using third party tools such as Disk Drill and others aforementioned. Let us look at the top 5 data recovery software in the market.

1.     Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles is considered by experts as the most convenient tool when it comes to data recovery, this is because it is capable of recovering data even if it cannot be well read or has lost a partition. This software is so good that can be used comfortably even by newbies with a lot of ease. It is used on iphone and ipad, Android data recovery; it also support RAW file types.

Disk Drill has got pleasant features that make it unique and loved by many. One major feature is that this app on windows can recover up to 500MB for free.

Similarly, this application is very useful to forensic scientist as they can run a search on deleted data in a clone maintaining the original source. The application is also fitted with Built-in Data protection.

Steps On How To Use Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Step One

Download the application and then click to install.

Step Two

Select the device with deleted data as shown on the main screen. Choose method you will want use then prepare for scanning.

Step Three

Start scanning by clicking on ‘search for lost data’. Time taken for scanning will vary depending on how deep the recovery is.

Step Four

You should be able to see files already found, however, allow the process to complete for best experience. Click on the file to be recovered.

Step Five

Press ‘recover’. Since the previous disk may be corrupted, avoid it and choose a different disk, then click ‘Ok’.

2.     EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is suitable for windows and Mac. It is an easy-to-use application and just as Disk Drill, you can recover up to 500MB data freely. Similarly, you can recover deleted files up to 2 GB of data through sharing.

To access extra recovery and extra functions, then get a paid upgrade of the device since the free one has option for casual data losses.

This application can be used on Hard drives, memory cards, and USB and is used to recover image files and documents repair. Besides, subscription is needed after installation.

3.     Recuva

There are some data that are deleted and marked as free space. To recover such files you need a Recuva.

One can easily download and install Recuva and can be found in portable form also which reduces the possibility of overwriting. Recuva offers unlimited data recovery and deep scan for deeper files recovery.  Recuva is a freeware application and as such no subscription is required.

4.     TestDisk Data Recovery

This is the fourth application which is freemium software for partition recovery. Its main task is recovering lost disk partition and fixing bootable disks with booting problems.

Some of its features apart from partition recovery include its bootable version as well as operating system with file system support. It is not recommended for first timers as this software can cause further damage in the process of recovery of deleted data.

5.     Minitool Power Data Recovery

The fifth best software for data recovery is the Minitool Power Data Recovery that supports over 100 file types. Often recovery is up to 1 GB freely with 24/7 support for users available. This application supports CD/DVD for recovery with a subscription required after installation.

Based on performance, file system support, file type support price and security, we can confidently say that Disk Drill is the best data recovery for PC followed by EaseUS Data recovery as second best with Recuva closing top three best data recovery applications.