Top 3 Methods to Fix Windows Could Not Update Error Code 0x80070002

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Windows 10 is the most desirable Operating System in the world. Most of the computers, laptops and other devices came with Windows 10 operating system. Now, Microsoft releases updates at regular intervals to make the OS compatible with latest version of Windows. Several software are released, and Microsoft provides windows the feature to run as many software as can without breaching the security and performance.

If the OS is not updates then the system lags while running application. So, it is important to update Window OS. But the main problem occurs, when users gets the Error code 0x80070002. The error denotes that Windows could not search for new updates. The updates are downloaded but when installed window through error message 0x80070002. So, to resolve this problem users can follow the below given methods.

Fix ‘Windows Could Not Search For New Updates’ Error

The Error can be resolved easily with few fixes and techniques as mentioned. Check complete details below

Check System Time Settings

Windows update largely depend in system timings and if the time settings are not correct then it will give error message 0x80070002

fix windows error 80070002

  • Start the system and move to bottom right corner
  • Now, Click on the date or time mentioned and the Clock will expand
  • Click on ‘Change Date and Time Settings’ in wizard open
  • Click on the tab Internet Time
  • Press the configure settings button and checkmark synchronize with internet time server
  • Select then Update now and click on OK
  • Configure the Time Settings manually that they are correct and close the windows
  • Now go to windows update and check the error is resolved or not

Remove Software Distribution Folder

The software distribution folder contains all the windows update. If any file is corrupt in the folder then it might be restricting from windows update and causing 0x80070002 error

delete software distribution folder

  • Click on This PC or Computer to Open Windows Explorer
  • Browse to C:\windows and then search for SoftwareDistribution Folder
  • You can also rename the folder SoftwareDistribution.old
  • Restart the computer and Go to Windows Update
  • Check for Updates available and installed them. The error 0x80070002 will be removed

Windows Update Troubleshooter

When the ‘Windows could not search for new updates 0x8007002’ error is found then in the dialog box it displays link ‘Get help with this error’.

fix windows could not update error in windows 10

  • Click on the link to launch ‘Windows Update Troubleshooter’
  • Now Click on the troubleshooter to look for problems
  • It will scan the system for errors and repair if any
  • Restart computer and install the downloaded updates

So, by following the above methods you can resolve the Windows update error code ‘0x8007002’ and get rid of ‘Windows could not search for new updates’ error message.

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