Top 3 Outlook Recovery Software to Repair PST File

PST or Personal Storage Table is a type of file format that is being used to store the copies of the data like messages, emails, calendar events, and various other items. The PST file format works within the Microsoft software like Microsoft Outlook, MS Exchange Client, and Windows Messaging. MS Outlook have become the soul of every organizational work and all the data are now stored on this software. It is reliable as well very user friendly and easy to access. MS outlook have captured the whole and sole working plan and schedules of the organizations, be it from scheduling a meeting and informing all of the contacts about the same, keeping a track of your messages and emails, replying to your emails, updating your calendars, getting reminders for any meeting and what not, everything that you want is available for you under the same shelter and with the ease to access and use.

The MS Outlook have .pst file format for most of the Outlook data files stored on your computer. This .pst file format is very delicate and it can easily break or get corrupted due to any virus attack, bugs, hard disk crashing, or software failure. But in any of these conditions, an organization has to face a great loss of data and important documents or contacts. Being the heart and soul of the functioning of the organization, any damage to the Outlook data file (.pst file) can be dreadful and it is very difficult to repair. All of your important data can be restored with the help of these 3 Top Outlook Recovery Software to Repair PST File

Here are some of the best Outlook Recovery Software that you will surely help you to repair pst file 

1.  Datanumen Outlook Repair

It is one of the top rated Outlook Repair software in the market.

datanumen outlook repair tool


  • Highly efficient and effective data repairing tool.
  • Repairs maximum data from the corrupt .pst files.
  • Have more than 90% of average recovery rate.


  • It can repair .pst files of any size which is created by any version of MS Outlook and recovers almost all the data successfully.
  • It supports batch repair of .pst files.
  • Splitting multiple files into various parts for recovery is also supported.


  • Time consuming
  • Very expensive cost you $199 for single user license
  • Provide no support for MS Outlook version 2016

2.  Kernel for Outlook Recovery : It is considered the best .pst repair tool for the recovery of the mailbox and the data stored.

kernel pst repair tool


  • Restores every small details like subject, cc, bcc, to, from, deleted messages, attachments from corrupt files.
  • The recovered data can be stored in the new .pst file
  • It can also save the recovered data in other formats as well


  • Highly eye-catching and interactive user interface
  • Supports all the version of MS Outlook
  • Can export the data of the .pst files to different destinations like Office 365, emails, and much more


  • Average recovery rate is satisfactory
  • Can fail to recover mailbox from severely corrupted files
  • Batch recovery not available for Home and Corporate licence.

3.  Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair – It is the most trustworthy name in the market for data recovery software, Outlook recovery software from Stellar is one of the most widely used software.

stellar pst repair tool


  • It can restore the entire mailbox including everything that you saved.
  • Have smart recovery tools


  • Recovery of mails from the accidentally deleted or deleted items folder
  • User-friendly and sleek interface with attractive design.
  • Technician version supports recoveryas well as splitting large pst files
  • Supports MS Outlook 2016


  • Slow and time consuming processing and scanning
  • Average recovery rate goes low for highly corrupted files
  • Hangs while scanning or recovering

 These Outlook Recovery Software will not only recover your emails but it will also save your life.

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