How to Fix Outlook for Mac Sync Error

Last updated on August 6th, 2019 at 01:57 am

Due to the popularity of Outlook, most of the users ask to use Outlook on Mac devices thus Microsoft released Outlook for Mac. Users can share calendars, notes, send/ receive mails on Outlook for Mac same as MS Outlook. To update the files in OST and PST outlook perform synchronization but some users complain of Outlook for Mac error ‘Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience’. To fix this error it is advised to clear Outlook Mac cache.

The main causes of Outlook Mac sync problem with Mac are

    • Synchronizations preferences settings are not properly configured
    • Outlook for Mac sync cache has not been cleared

These could be the two reasons causing error, solving these problems will fix the Outlook for Mac Sync Error

Methods to Solve ‘Outlook for Mac Sync’ Issue

Follow the below given steps to solve Outlook 2016 Mac Sync problem

Disable Sync Services Preferences

    • Start Outlook in your system (if it opens)
    • Click on Preferences in the Outlook menu
    • Under the Other options select Sync Services
    • Uncheck all the boxes and close Outlook
  • Restart Outlook and check the error is solved or not

disable sync outlook for mac

This will disable the sync services, if the error is resolved it means the sync preferences are corrupted and needs to be reset. To reset Outlook for Mac sync problems check the below given steps

Force Quit Outlook

    • Click on the Apple menu
    • A dialog box with all the active/ running applications will appear
    • Select all the applications except Finder
    • Now click on the ‘Force Quit’ button
  • Before quitting any application, back up all items, Outlook identities for later use

quit outlook for mac application

Take Backup of Outlook Identities

    • Click on Go menu and then Home
    • Select Documents and open Microsoft User Data
    • Press the control key, and then click Office 2011 identities
    • Select Copy ‘Office 2011 Identities’ and close all windows
  • Go to desktop, press the control key and then click on Paste

How to Reset Microsoft Sync Services in Outlook for Mac

    • Click on Go menu and hold the OPTION Key to Open Library
    • Go to Preferences and delete com.microsoft.Outlook.SyncServicesPreferences.plist, com.microsoft.Outlook.SyncServices.plist, OfficeSync Prefs
    • Go to Application Support, then Microsoft and Office 2011
    • Move OfficeSync Prefs to the trash folder
    • Now restart the system and open Outlook
    • Go to Preferences>> Other and select Sync Services
    • Now check mark all the items to sync
  • Close Outlook and Open again

Clear Outlook for Mac Sync Services Cache

    • First Disable Sync services and close all applications
    • On the Go Menu click on Applications>> Utilities and then open Activity Monitor
    • Type Syncto in Filter box
    • Quit all the processes found in list
    • When the task gets completes close Activity Monitor
    • Go to Home and then click /Library/Application Support/,
    • Open SyncServices and move all the files to trash
  • Restart all applications and turn on sync services

clear cache in outlook for mac

This will remove the Outlook for Mac Sync Error. You can try any of the above methods as per the system and error encountered. But always back up files before starting any process. These manual steps will remove the Microsoft Sync problem in Outlook for Mac.

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