Recall Sent Mail in Outlook 2016

Accidentally sent a message to wrong person, Well don’t get panic you can easily recall mail in Outlook 2016 and other versions including 2013, 2010, 2007. While working on Outlook often it happens we sent message to other person to whom it was not meant for. The message could have important project files, attachments, reports which should be kept confidential with-in your team. To retrieve back these messages you can use Recall this Message feature in Outlook.

It really feels embarrassing when we sent a personal mail to someone else. Some user’s are not much aware of recall feature and here we will learn process to delete a sent mail in Outlook from server.

How to Recall An Email in Outlook

  • Open Outlook in your system
  • In the Mail box click on Sent Items option
  • Now look for the message you want to recall and double click on it to open. Single click opens message only in reading pane with less options.
  • When you have opened the sent mail, click on Message tab at the top
  • In the upper ribbon go to Actions and then select Recall this Message

actions in outlook

  • Recall this Message dialog box will open, Select Delete unread copies of this message and then OK.
  • If you want to append the message, click on Delete unread copies and replace with a new message and compose the message as usual and click send.

recall message in outlook

How to Know if the message recall was successful or not

  • You can check Mark Tell me if Recall success or fails option to know the status in dialog box
  • You can also check status of message by using actions in Outlook. It depends upon the recipients settings set under Tracking, the automatically process requests and responses to meeting requests and polls

So by Recall this Message feature you can retrieve mails which has not been read by recipient and can even replace the message with a new one if you forgot to mention about an important file or attachment. In most of the case you can delete the sent mail from recipient’s server. So this is all about Recalling Message in Outlook. Hope you find this article useful.

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