SQL Database Repair Tool to Recover MDF and NDF Files

SQL Repair is an eminent tool that helps repairing the corrupt SQL Database file and recover inaccessible data. Due to several reasons, data stored in the SQL database can be inaccessible and database corruption is one of those reasons.

SQL Repair tool takes the corrupt database as input and scans it to find the data stored in it. Scanning process takes only a few moments depending upon the size of the database. Even large databases are scanned in a few minutes. After the scanning process is finished, a hierarchy is created displaying the data that can be retrieved. You can now select the data to be retrieved or the complete file can be undergone in the repairing process to get all the data back in once.

Features of SQL Repair Tool at a Glance

No Size Limit – With many SQL Repair tools, size becomes a limitation, which means they cannot repair a database that is beyond a specific size. This is not a limitation with our SQL Repair tool, as it can flawlessly repair the corrupt SQL database of any size.

Recovers all components – While performing SQL repair, the software recovers all objects of the database that may include tables, triggers, rules, keys (primary, unique, and foreign), stored procedures, checks, and a lot more. The software not only recovers these components but also ensures the quality and the structure, which is much more important than just recovering the data. By ensuring quality and the structure, the software saves a lot of time that could have been wasted in restructuring the recovered data and working on the quality.

Selective Recovery – Do not you want to recover all database objects but only the most important components? No issue, our SQL repair tool is designed to perform complete as well as selective recovery. You can select the components to be recovered. Once the selection is done, you may proceed with the repair and recovery process. One of the best things is that the software comes with an embedded search feature. So, if you know, which component you want to recover, then simply type the component name or starting characters and the software will search the component from the big list of the components. This feature saves a lot of time.

Rebuilding of the new database – Once the recovery process is done, the software builds a new SQL database, which is ready to open and use.

sql databse repair

Support – SQL Repair tool is compatible to all versions using which the database is created, which means you are free to use this software to repair any SQL database. You can install the software on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and many other versions.

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