Steps to Repair and Recover OLM Files Manually

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Outlook for Mac e-mail application is widely used by Individuals working on Apple devices. Like MS Outlook stores file in PST format the Outlook for Mac stores the file in OLM format. Due to various changes in settings, updating application and using add-ins the OLM files gets corrupt. As OLM files contains all the information, contacts, e-mail addresses of an e-mail account, corruption to this file halts the work and even make it difficult for application to open. We will look in to some methods to repair OLM files and recover data from Outlook for Mac.

However, there are less chances of OLM to get corrupted due to security reasons, other causes may include server crash or poor network quality, change in Outlook account settings or sync problems with the server. These problems make the Outlook for Mac inaccessible and show various error messages.

Outlook for Mac Error Messages

  • Error Message: Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL
  • Error: An unknown error has been occurred in Outlook. Error code – 17199
  • Error: This application failed to start because OLM.DLL not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

Given the above mentioned reasons, these could be some of the causes of OLM File corruption

Outcome of OLM File Corruption

When the OLM files gets corrupted, Outlook for Mac shows error

  • File not Found- Not able to locate file
  • Access Denied- Can’t access e-mails from Outlook
  • Outlook for Mac freezes while opening it
  • Slow behavior or can’t able to process actions
  • Outlook opens and then closes automatically

How to Fix Corrupted OLM File

Here are some methods to fix OLM file corruption

Check Duplicates in Outlook

  • If the Outlook application opens, then create a new account
  • If the account is created successfully without any error message, then there are no duplicates
  • If it prompts error, then go to inbox and contacts list and remove duplicate item

Change in OLM Sync Services Preferences

You can disable Sync services preferences by following steps

  • Start Outlook in your system (if it opens)
  • Click on Preferences in the Outlook menu
  • Under the Other options select Sync Services
  • Uncheck all the boxes and close Outlook
  • Restart Outlook and check the error is solved or not

Update Outlook for Mac

If the Outlook is not updated then it will create problems and throw error messages

  • Open Outlook and Go settings
  • Check for updates available
  • Download and install the Outlook for Mac updates
  • Restart application and check problem is fixed or not

Microsoft Database Utility

  • Outlook for Mac has inbuilt tool Microsoft Database Utility
  • Go to location /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/
  • Now open the Microsoft Database Utility
  • It will scan and fix various problems of OLM

You can get rid of Outlook for Mac error messages by following above steps. There are some third party software also available which tends to do the same and save a lot of user time and hassle. One such tool is Stellar OLM Repair which is available to download and try for free. Follow the download link below to download & repair OLM file with the help of Stellar OLM Repair

Download Stellar OLM Repair

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