How To Remove Password From Outlook PST File

If you have applied password to PST file to protect it from unintended access but unfortunately you are not able to remember it now. Microsoft Outlook don’t provide any help in retrieving a lost password, in such situation you can download free tool called pst19upg.exe from Here and remove password from outlook PST file.

Microsoft has released pst19upg.exe to upgrade pst files to work on later versions, It also removes password from PST file. But this utility can work on PST files created with Outlook 2002 or older versions (ANSI PST) of Outlook.

How to use pst19upg.exe and Scanpst.exe to remove password

  1. First you need to Close the Outlook.
  2. Create a Copy of the PST file.
  3. Scan the copy of your PST file with Scanpst.exe If it prompts for Repair choose the Repair option. Don’t select the backup option as you are already working on copied file.
  4. Now on Run command type the file path to pst19up and your pst name:exe -x filename.pstand hit enter
    Example  “C:My Documentspst19upg.exe” -x outlook.pst
    This will create a copy of the pst called “filename.psx” (where filename is the same name as the original pst file).
  5. When the process completes rename the original PST file
  6. At the command prompt, typeexe -i filename.psxand hit enter. Remember, you need to use the full path to pst19upg.
  7. This process will create a password-free pst file from the psx file.

To remove password from Outlook 2003 and later version(UNICODE) pst file you need to use third party application called Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery. Download it from link below


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