Wondering how to make a church directory then ABCFastDirectory Tool is the ultimate solution. Create professional directories for church groups, telephone listings and family photographs easily with its custom options. The software presents the detailed information of the member in a table view from where each detail can be fetched easily. Moreover, it also supports church directory hierarchies, so there is no need to buy another software as all the features are available in ABCFastDirectory tool. Compatible with Window Operating system with Lifetime membership the ABCFastDirectory is the perfect tool for member management.

  • Can be used as Text directory and Photo directory
  • Import and Export Data from Microsoft Excel
  • Export the Directory in PDF format
  • Customize Directories according to the needs
  • Easily Sort and Find Member names
  • Add, Crop, Resize Images in Photo Directory
  • Automatic Layout of Directory to Add Information
  • Church Hierarchy Directory and Group Members
  • Easy Installation and Print Process
  • Comes with Lifetime Membership

Easily Create Directories

ABCFastDirectory allows users to create text directories in their required format. Add names of members belonging to a particular group and save it. The ABCFastDirectory is useful for club members, sports clubs, elderly members, students in school for a particular project, event managers, and many other organizations that need details of individuals frequently.

Import from MS- Excel

ABCFastDirectory removes the traditional method of copying the data from MS Excel sheet and includes it in Directories format, now users can import the entire excel sheet to the software and view the details row and column wise. This feature of ABCFastDirectory saves the long hours that were spent in manually entering the data from excel to other formats.

Easy Customization features

Users are not restricted to use only default options, they can add the personal touch to the directory and change the font colour, its size, and font type. This represents the information in a more well-designed format. Like for a sports club, the font colour could be as that of their dress and for a school project the name of users could be in that of their house colours.

Change Directory Columns and Rows

ABCFastDirectory has inbuilt layout but it gives the flexibility to modify it as per needs like one can change the number of columns and rows in the directory, pictures that are to be included in a single page, information of the members to be displayed, customize the page header and footer, option to display page number in directory /date of modification and other basic parameters that one found useful.

Church Directory Hierarchies

The advanced version of ABCFastDiretory church directory software enables to create church directory hierarchies. Specify the main group and then enter sub-groups, the sub-group members can further classified in to other groups having a tree-like structure. With this feature, it is easy to know which member belongs to which church group.

Find and Sort Option

The listings created with ABCFastDirectory are in the form of columns and rows. The columns may include First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Picture location so one can click on the column heading and sort it on the basis of name, date. The browse option enables to upload the photograph of member directly from the local computer.

Photo Edit and Preview

Working on a photo directory of member or church then, easily modify the photos. Edit and crop them or centre text and image so that it properly fits the page. Once the edits are done preview the page and directory in real-time and print it.

Print Options

Customize the layout of page and print preview it. Finalize the design and then print directory by saving it as PDF format. The images in Photo directories also get converted and you can also change the paper size before printing.


To cover a large number of users, the ABCFastDirectory church directory software is compatible to run on Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

ABCFastDirectory Tool Trial Version

Test the features of Church directory software by applying changes and adding members in practical for free



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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, The ABCFastDirectory has added the Church Hierarchy feature in its new version which enables to manage Church groups, members and events easily. One can access the information of an individual directly from the tool.

A: ABCFastDirectory tool is flexible enough to edit the records entered, Browse the directory and then sort it to get required entry, click on it and edit option will open. Now, click on ‘Browse button’ and change the image.

A: The ABCFastDirectory tool license is the series of numbers that comes with the e-mail and your user-name to activate tool is combination of name, phone-number and e-mail address written in one line like “John Smart, 123456789, John@xyz.com”

A: No, The ABCFastDirectory license comes with unique license key which is issued to a single user and it cannot be transferred.

A: The demo version of ABCFastDirectory software is available for free, download and try the software to manage text, phone, or church directory.