Convert OLM to PST

OLM to PST Converter

Efficient and user-friendly tool to convert Outlook for Mac data OLM to MS Outlook PST.

  • Convert all objects of OLM file and save them to a new PST file
  • Convert multiple OLM files simultaneously
  • Supports latest version of MS Outlook i.e Outlook 2016,

Microsoft Outlook for Mac stores users’ emails and other data in a file called OLM while Microsoft Office for Windows stores users’ data in a file called PST. Due to several reasons, people may need to access OLM files with Microsoft Outlook for Windows, but this is only possible when OLM to PST Conversion is done because MS Outlook for Windows does not recognize OLM file format.

Our OLM to PST Converter is an advanced email converter, which is designed by conversion professionals. The software has the capability to convert single as well as multiple OLM files into PST files in a few seconds while maintaining the quality of emails, attachments, contacts, etc.

Salient features of the OLM to PST Converter
Software has a big list of features. Here are a few intuitive features that make it a great tool for people who want a robust OLM to PST converter:

Easy to use Interface
Software is designed on graphical user interface; hence, using it is a few clicks process. Select the OLM file, scan the file, preview the data, and save the data into a working PST file to be opened on Microsoft Windows Outlook. Isn't it looking easier than using a command line tool?.

Speed & Quality
Our OLM to PST Converter is different from others when it comes to speed and quality of the conversion. The software completes the conversion in a few seconds regardless of the size of the file. Speed is not just we are concerned about; we have made the software to deliver quality results and to let you verify the quality, a preview feature has been added in the software. Using the preview feature, you can ascertain that the quality of the items is good rather than blindly converting OLM to PST and wasting your precious time.

Convert all Email Items
OLM to PST software converts all objects in the OLM file into the PST file. Emails, notes, contacts, attachments, images within emails, emails with non-English characters, and email properties are to name a few objects that will be converted effectively to PST files.

Address Book Conversion
This feature allows transfer of Outlook Express address book(.wab) to .pst file with few clicks of mouse, User can append converted contacts to existing profile or to a new PST file according to the requirement.

Bulk Conversion
If you are looking for an OLM to PST converter that can execute bulk conversion then try this software. You can input multiple OLM files and start the conversion process. Within a few minutes, all files will be converted into PST files, as the software is designed to work simultaneously on multiple files.

Save where you want
Our OLM to PST tool is designed to meet the simplicity standards; therefore, it allows you to save the converted PST file where you want. This features makes is easier for you to locate the file after conversion.

The software is capable to convert all OLM files created using any version of Windows for Mac. Once the PST files are created, they can be accessed on any version of Microsoft Windows Outlook including 64 bit versions.