MS Excel is one of the best data management tools by Microsoft. It saves the names, IDs, phone number and other information of a person in an organized manner. This stored data from the worksheets could be fetched by using Excel formulas, but it can’t match the qualities of the MySQL database. MySQL adopts a different approach for data management and database queries extract data better than MS Excel and so one needs an MS Excel to MySQL Database converter. With the DRPU Database converter, DBA can easily migrate the XLS data from worksheets to MySQL records.

  • Move Excel Worksheets to MySQL
  • Custom File Migration to MySQL Records
  • Full File Transfer
  • No need to execute queries for transfer
  • Convert the entries in Excel sheets to database records
  • Move all entries with formulas without error
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Save Records from Excel to SQL
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Wide Compatibility

Import XLS File to SQL

DRPU MS Excel to MySQL database tool moves the entire components of the excel sheet, entries, names, contact numbers, image path name and other data to MySQL without any loss. All the entries are exported to SQL tables and saved in the same manner as in MS Excel sheet. So, it avoids the elimination of any data records and ensures full migration.

Selective File Migration

Unlike other database converters, DRPU offers to select only desired files for conversion. The software lists all the XLS worksheets in MS Excel, the user can check-mark the files to move and convert. The estimated time in conversion is reduced as fewer files are migrated than the entire record.

Move Excel Sheets to MySQL Database

Another important feature of DRPU MS Excel to My SQL Database converter is that it migrates the files without any error. All the excel records that are entered by the user, derived by using the formulas, created with Excel functions are exported without any interruptions.

Custom Save Options

Components in an Excel sheet and MySQL are different from each other and while transferring the data the software converts the excel sheet records in a format that is acceptable by MySQL. The tool converts all major database constraints, data types, and attributes.

Rich GUI Interface

Simple quick and effective these words sum up the features of DRPU MS Excel to MySQL database converter. The SQL migration tool has a rich user interface which makes it easy for admins to browse through the folders. One can easily add the Excel sheets and move them to the destination MySQL server.

Easy to Install

The software is very easy to install, just click on the setup file and read the license terms, confirm and click OK, the MS Excel to MySQL Database converter will be installed. The software has a guided user-interface which instructs for the next step. Thus Database administrators can easily learn to use it.

DRPU MS Excel to MySQL Converter Free Edition

With Trial Version of Database Converter Scan the Excel Sheets and Preview the contents of Files (rows and columns) for Conversion



  • Personal
  • $45
  • Converts all major database constraints, datatypes and attributes
  • Full install and uninstall support.
  • Allows user to save converted database records.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Check the steps as given

  • Connect to MySQL server by entering login details and add the XLSX file which is to be converted
  • Enter the MySQL database name and then select Excel worksheets to convert
  • Click on the convert button to export data to MySQL

A: To reduce the burden of database administrator’s the software supports multiple conversion of Excel sheets in MySQL. DBA can select multiple Excel Sheets and then convert them to SQL at same time.

A: The software converting engine moves the excel sheet records by changing the format to MySQL files. It transfer the entries made in Excel Sheet in to MySQL database tables.

A: It is up to you, if you want to save details at separate location then create a new database, else add them to existing MySQL database.

A: Yes, You can download the DRPU MS Excel to MySQL Database converter for trial and check the extra features offered by this software.