Groupwise to Exchange Migration

Migrate Novell Grouwise to Exchange

Reliable and fast migration of Groupwise Mailbox to Exchange server

  • Your Helping Hand for a Successful Migration to Exchange Server from GroupWise.
  • Supports latest version of Groupwise, MS Exchnage and Windows OS

Are you in need for migrating everything including emails, address book, attachments, etc. from Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server? If yes, the task has been made easier and faster for you by our GroupWise to Exchange Migrator – smart software that efficiently and seamlessly performs migration.

Features and Specifications of GroupWise to Exchange Migrator

Complete and Fast Migration
When you have our GroupWise to Exchange Migration tool, then you will soon start experiencing the features of Microsoft Exchange. The software performs a complete migration in short interval allowing you to start accessing the GroupWise data on Microsoft Exchange Server.

Selective Migration
Do not you need migration of all data to Exchange Server? If this is your requirement, then GroupWise to Exchange Migration tool is the solution. It saves your time by allowing you to select mailboxes or data of mailboxes that you want to migrate to Exchange Server. The data to be migrated may include emails, contacts, address book, attachments, sent items, tasks, calendars, and many more items from the mailbox.

Migrate keeping the data as is
You may have a question if the GroupWise data will remain as is when it is accessed on Microsoft Exchange server or there will be changes in the data integrity and properties. So, the answer is, the GroupWise to Exchange Migrator software respects the integrity of the data and migrates it as is without making any changes in the properties, etc. You will get everything you had in GroupWise and in the same format, layout, and with properties.

Fast Migration
Time is important for everyone and we have developed this software considering the same. The software has been designed to work with super-fast speed so that the migration is finished quickly. It offers you a risk-free migration as well. Just connect it to the Server and start the migration.

Preview Mailbox items and decide if you want complete migration or selective migration
One of the most intelligent features of this migration software is “Preview Items”. With this feature, when you connect it with the GroupWise server, it displays all mailboxes and their items in a hierarchical structure. From the structure, you can select items, preview them, and see if the quality is as is or not. Also, if you want to migrate only a few items, you can select them here and continue the rest of the process.

Simplicity is the best
Another best feature of the GroupWise to Exchange Migrator tool is its simplicity and self-descriptive interface, which makes it easier to install and execute. Does not matter if you are a Tech Savvy or a person with limited knowledge about installing and using simple applications, you will find the software easy to use because of its Do it Yourself type design and notations.

Support & Compatability
When it comes to check its support and compatibility then also this GroupWise to Exchange Migrator software is perfect. It supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010 and 2007, GroupWise GW 2014, 2012, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, and 6.0, and Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003.