MS Excel Sheets act as a mediator between different applications. The Excel files can be saved in CSV (Comma Separated Value) and used with Outlook data files or Contact information in Excel can be used to convert it in VCF file. Similarly MySQL Database Administrators may require it for other purposes but first they need to convert it in MS Excel format. To achieve high level of accuracy DRPU MySQL to MS Excel is the best tool. The software converts bulk MySQL database in MS Excel spread sheets. Giving the database administrators unique feature, the tool move MySQL contents to XLS format in simple clicks without disturbing the integrity of database. With MySQL to Excel Converter DBA can export all the contents and save in XLS file effectively.

  • Export All SQL Records to Excel spreadsheets
  • Multiple file conversion from SQL to Excel
  • Move all the MySQL files to MS Excel
  • Preview MySQL Tables and Selective Conversion
  • Maintain Database Integrity
  • Avoid Data Loss
  • Support All MySQL and Excel Attributes
  • Compatible with All MySQL Versions
  • Customize according to Brand
  • Easy to Use

Move All MySQL Records

Consider you have a employee information table in MySQL and a user require the contacts of all these employees, then DRPU MySQL to Excel converter, move the employee name, company name, profession, contact number, address and other details in an MS Excel spreadsheet. The MySQL table information is now available in XLS format.

Export Multiple MySQL Tables

DRPU MySQL to MS Excel converter tries to make the migration processor more convenient, simpler and faster. It avoids the method of converting MySQL tables one by one, with the batch conversion mode multiple tables can be selected from a single database and transferred to MS Excel spreadsheets.

Complete transfer of Files

DRPU Database conversion tool is designed as such it exports the file from MySQL table to Excel sheet completely. The entries that are available in table get stored in excel rows. Items are moved in a manner that they maintain their properties and the record will refer to its own entries. It avoids the confusion of organizing and sorting data manually as the software engine does it for DBA.

Options to Choose Tables

MySQL consists of numbers of database and each database has multiple tables. When the connection is established to MySQL using DRPU database converter it loads these database and tables. So, database administrators can select the database name and then select table name to convert.

Maintain Database integrity

Most of the users afraid that migrating the data may cause database damage, but this is not the case with DRPU MySQL to MS Excel converter. It make changes only as per the instructions of user. It will modify only those files which are selected for modification and leave the rest of data in same manner preserving the database integrity.

Avoid Database Loss

Database administrators are fully aware of the consequences of database loss and avoid such tools, keeping these things in mind the DRPU MySQL to MS Excel converter remove the errors and issues that occur during transfer. It keep record of all the things and the files are exported in a qualitative manner without any loss.

Maintain Attributes

To achieve high transmission rate with complete accuracy DRPU MySQL to MS Excel converter support all the data types and attributes of both MySQL and MS Excel. The functionality that is used by MS Excel for storing and maintaining data is used by software so that they work perfectly with Excel without any problem. Same phenomena go with MySQL when they are imported by the tool. Change in file format occurs during conversion.

Simple User Interface

The user interface of DRPU MySQL to MS Excel converter is simple that enables user to operate it easily without facing any problem. Without any need of specific programming language or technical skill the users can transfer their data from one MySQL tables to MS Excel XLS spreadsheet.


To cover large number of users, organizations or industries DRPU Database Converter for MySQL to MS Excel is compatible with MS Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and MySQL MySQL 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, 5.5.

Free Download MySQL to MS Excel Converter

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: This is the core part of DRPU MySQL to Excel converter, what it does is import the data from MySQL table and then copy it to MS Excel sheet, here the important thing is that the files are same and only their extension gets changed which makes it compatible with MS Excel.

A: Try the following steps

  • Just start the software and then enter the MySQL details
  • Browse the excel sheet and in next step select MySQL database name
  • Select tables to export and click convert
  • Items in MySQL table will be exported to MS Excel

A: This mostly depends upon the size of the file, if you select more files then it will take more time but if less files are selected then it will execute in fast manner.

A: Yes, DRPU MySQL to MS Excel software comes with the option to stop the on-going process and later resume it.

A: Yes, the trial version of DRPU MySQL to MS Excel Database converter is available for free. You can download and check the functions of tool.

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