Oracle and MySQL are the two prominent database types that are used by multiple organizations. Each of the database has some unique features, however users select only those which meets the project needs and easy to use. If an organization is shifting its database platform from Oracle to MySQL then they will found DRPU Oracle to MySQL Database Converter as the best option. This software is equipped with highly advanced features that help to convert database records in minimum time. Compatible with both versions of database this tool exports the files completely without any loss.

  • Easily Connect with Database Server
  • Quick and Efficient Migration
  • Quick and Efficient Migration
  • Selectively Export Database Records
  • Skip Indexes From Conversion
  • Multiple Saving Options
  • Compatible with Both Database
  • Easy to Use File Migration Tool

Login and Connect

DRPU Oracle to MySQL Converter gives user an easier way to connect with database connection. To ensure effective file migration it is compulsory to have a good connection. With this tool user need to enter the server name, port number, username, password and other details for both MySQL and Oracle to connect to server

Fast Process of File Migration

The DRPU software has a smart migration engine which identifies the each entity of MySQL and Oracle database as soon they are connected together. So, it is already aware of the table structure in both databases and when the migration starts it quickly moves data to targeted location without any hindrance.

Export All Database Components

Unless specified by the database administrator the DRPU Oracle to MySQL software moves all the database components to other MySQL tables. All DB data items like indexes, tables, records, keys, are exported to MySQL in correct order. Database Administrators completely rely on this tool for file migration.

Select Tables to Migrate

It is not necessary to move all the items in Oracle database to MySQL if they are not required. Yes, with DRPU Oracle to MySQL tool DBA’s can select the database and then tables in that database to migrate. Just click on the tables in the list and then convert. Only those tables and records will be exported to MySQL which are selected by you. So, try the database converter and move only desired files.

Skip Indexes in Oracle

Extending the flexibility of database migration and giving users the opportunity to export only items they want the DRPU Oracle to MySQL software also has the option to ‘Skip Indexes’. Selecting this option will skip the ‘Indexes’ from conversion and the tool will take less time in file migration.

Save Converted Files at desired location

The Database converter provides custom option to save the converted files. The tool gives option to save the files in new database or merge it with existing SQL database tables. So, if starting a new project then create the new database or else add the files to current SQL database.

Maintain Database Attributes

The DRPU Database Converter maintains the integrity of the files and keep all the objects intact to each other. It maintains the database items and convert Oracle files to MySQL easily.

Ease of Usage

The software convert the files easily without the need of any technician. A beginner in Oracle database can use it, the software requires a few clicks and the files are exported from one database to other. There is no requirement of any programming language.


Coming to the compatibility of this tool then it can be used with MySQL latest version 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, 5.5 and older and it perfectly works with Oracle 18c, 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, Oracle 8 and previous ones.

DRPU Oracle to MySQL Database Converter

Export Oracle Database Files and Migrate the Data Without Any Mistakes for Free in Trial Version



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Frequently Asked Questions

A: You must have the admin rights to process the conversion process, you have to enter the server name, Port number, Username, password, schema for Oracle and SQL both, click on the connect box and if the credentials are correct, it will display the DB details.

A: Try the following steps

  • Start the software and then connect to database server
  • Select the database attributes to be exported
  • Add tables and views to transfer
  • Click on the convert to transfer the files

A: The software comes with installation guide which instructs how to install and uninstall database tool from computer. You can also contact support team for installation.

A: One important feature is that you can select to skip a table during conversion. Just click on skip button and files will not be transfer to MySQL.

A: The software is also offered in trial version for free, where you can test the capabilities and you will find it the best Oracle to MySQL converter.

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