Microsoft Windows is the world’s largest used operating system at personal and professional levels. However, there can be times when it leads to data loss or there can be times when the data stored on a hard disk partition has become inaccessible. In such cases, Stellar Windows Recovery software helps you to recover the lost data. With the help of this software, you can recover data from hard disk partition, external hard disk, or other storage devices that support Windows operating system.

  • Recover deleted files from crashed or corrupted hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive or any other storage media.
  • Recover data from damaged optical media and supports wide range of CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD formats.
  • Support recovery from hard disks of more than 2 TB size.

How Windows Data Recovery Software Works

The software works in three easy steps: Download, Scan & Save. Just three steps and lost data will be back. Best thing about Stellar Windows Recovery software is it is Do-it-yourself type tool, which anyone can use easily.

Simple GUI

The software has an intuitive graphical user interface with required labels and callouts that make it easier for you to execute the software and recover lost data.

Strong Scanning Engine

Stellar Data Recovery software is embedded with stronger and faster scanning engine, which has the capability to scan the storage device of 2 TB or more storage capacity. The software now has much improved and faster scanning engine that works 30% faster than its earlier versions; hence, it recovers lost data faster too.

Recover Everything from Different Devices

The software has been designed to recover almost everything from the hard disk partition or an external storage media. With it, you can recover photos, videos, documents, executable files, dll, text files, spreadsheets, image files, psd, pst, etc. The software can even recover the deleted files.

Recover Data from Smartphone

Stellar Windows recovery not only recovers data from hard disk of a computer but also from Smartphone’s internal storage or SD card. If you have deleted important photos and videos stored in your smartphone, then scan your smartphone with this software, and you will get the lost files back.

Search for Required File

When you perform scanning of a storage device then you may recover a big array of files but you may not want to save all of them. In such case, you can use the search feature of the software to find a particular file with its name or file format. For example, you want to recover only jpeg files then you can type .jpg in the search box and the software will display only jpg files, which you can save.

Sort, Preview & Save

In order to make data recovery process more helpful, the software helps you to sort the recovered data, preview the recovered data, and save the selected or all data. Depending upon your needs, you may save the selected files or all data at a desired location. You can save data on a hard disk partition, in a memory card, in an external hard disk, or in a shared folder on a network drive.

Advanced Scanning

Stellar Windows recovery software comes with an advanced recovery mode, which is helpful when there is the need to recover data from formatted partitions.

Compatability & Support

The data recovery software can be installed on all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The software is also available for a free trial, which you can use to ensure if the software is able to recover the lost data. If you find it working then you can buy its full version to save the data. Free version will only display the preview of data to be recovered

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Trial Version

Download the free trial version of Windows Data Recovery Software from Stellar to Scan and Preview lost or deleted data, this will give you an idea about if the data is recoverable or not.


  • Standard
  • $ 49
  • 1 Year License
  • Single System
  • Recover deleted data
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Buy Now
  • Professional
  • $ 79
  • 1 Year License
  • Single System
  • Recover deleted data
  • Recovers Files from Lost Partition
  • Creates Disk Image
  • -
  • -
  • Buy Now
  • Technician
  • $ 199
  • 1 Year License
  • 3 Systems
  • Recover deleted data
  • Recovers Files from Lost Partition
  • Creates Disk Image
  • Repair Corrupt Videos
  • Recover data from RAID Volume
  • Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can download the trial version of Windows data recovery software from Stellar to scan the drive for recovery and get the preview of lost items ready to be recovered. But to be able to save the lost items you have to purchase the license of software.

A: With just few steps you can get the recovered files

  • Run the Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software and select type of data to recover
  • Select the location to retrieve data
  • Click on scan and window recovery will scan the files
  • View the recovered files and click on 'Recover Button'
  • Save the recovered files at desired location

A: Quick scan is used to scan the drive quickly and is best when files are recently lost on the other side deep scan proves useful to retrive accidentally deleted old files

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